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The orb has been developed by NetSafe to offer all New Zealanders a simple and secure way to report online incidents which may break NZ law or breach legislation. Read more...

Report problems like:

Scams or Frauds

Report internet scams that may have cost you or your business money. Examples include phishing messages, romance, lottery and holiday scams

Report Online Scams

Computer Security

Report computer security incidents such as viruses, ransomware or the hacking of online accounts or devices in your home or workplace

Report System Attacks

Online Trading

Report online stores operating in New Zealand that break the Fair Trading Act or report counterfeit or prohibited goods for sale

Report Online Traders

Other Incidents

Report online incidents that do not fit the other ORB categories. NetSafe will review reports and may forward to a partner

Report Other Incidents

Objectionable Material

Report computer games, internet content and online videos that you think may breach New Zealand's censorship laws

Report Objectionable Material

Privacy Breaches

Report concerns about the use or collection of your personal information or when an access request has been refused

Report Privacy Breaches

Spam Messages

Report junk emails, texts and IM messages to the Electronic Messaging Compliance Unit of the Department of Internal Affairs

Report Spam Messages

Online Child Abuse

Contact OCEANZ at NZ Police if you have concerns about people using the internet to exploit or groom children online

Report Child Grooming

Child Alert Hotline

Report child pornography to ECPAT New Zealand and the Censorship Compliance Unit of the Department of Internal Affairs

Report Illegal Images